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Careful selection of raw materials

We obtain many raw materials from manufacturers all over the world, including Japan, and conduct research on a daily basis.
We are always looking for not only quality but also beauty, and continue to create the best kitchen knives.

Original unique handle

Easy to use and supremely unique, handcrafted handles.
We make a variety of handles using not only traditional wood, but also rare woods, buffalo horn, and unprecedented materials such as carbon fiber.

Registered Design

Our cherry blossom designs, for example, have been recognized by the Japanese government for their originality and novelty, and are registered as designs.
Therefore, it is a completely original kitchen knife that only we can make.

Items handled

We will mainly sell our own brand of knives, but we will also sell some valuable knives such as almost unobtainable artisan's knives for your enjoyment.

Shipping charges, etc

All shipping and packing fees are included in the price of the item.
International shipping is also available at no additional charge.